Fund’s Reimbursement Program Criteria

To All Stallion Owners:

Please keep in mind that your print ads and video commercials must meet Breeding Fund criteria in order for you to take advantage of the Fund’s reimbursement program.

This means your print ad must carry the Fund masthead and logo, including the phrase “New York-breds…They Start with an Advantage!” Or, if you prefer, you may add the older slogan “Get With the Program – New York-breds!”

Remember, when it comes to these ads, size does matter.  The Fund masthead, logo, and phrase must be at least 2.25” (two and a quarter inches) in length or your ad will not qualify for reimbursement.

For videos to qualify for reimbursement under the Fund Co-op Advertising program, they must include both the Fund masthead/logo and the Fund website, which is  As our September letter informed you, the Fund information must be on screen for at least 10% of the length of each individually produced television commercial.

Every employee of the New York Thoroughbred Breeding and Development Fund looks forward to working with you as we help promote your stallion’s participation in the best program in the nation.  Visit or call the Fund for more information.

Tracy Egan
Executive Director

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