NY Breeders to Receive Supplemental Awards for 2010 by Executive Director Tracy Egan

Great news for breeders came out of the March 31st meeting of the Breeding Fund’s Board of Directors: breeders will share $861,890 in supplemental awards money for 2010.

After Executive Director Tracy Egan informed the board that more than $860K was left in the Fund’s 2010 awards accounts even after paying breeders, owners, and stallion owners at 100% of the earnings rate for that year, the Board members discussed how to allocate the money.  NYTB Executive Director Jeff Cannizzo pointed out that breeders have been shortchanged many times in the past due to the old cap of 44% imposed on their awards category, whereas other groups have always been paid the full awards rate and, often, supplemental awards.  After further discussion, the Board voted unanimously to devote the entire pool to breeders.

Fund Management will calculate payments and mail supplemental awards checks to breeders in May.

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