Breeder Supplemental Checks Sent Out Friday, May 6th by Executive Director Tracy Egan

Dear Breeders,

Your check is in the mail. Today (May 6th) we sent out 835 checks ranging in amount from $15.63 to $25,654.

This mailing represents the $861K that the Fund had in its award accounts after paying breeder, owner, and stallion awards in full for 2010.  The Fund’s Board of Directors decided at its last meeting that the money should go to the group of people that has been hardest hit by the decline in the economy and by the bankruptcy and closing of NYC OTB.

You’ll notice a letter enclosed with your check in which I ask each of you to please provide us with your e-mail address at [email protected] so that we can communicate with you more easily.

Also, if you need to supply us with a W-9, you can now find the form here at our website under both online registration and mail-in registration.  You can either type in the data, print out the filled-in form, and mail to us, or print out the blank form, fill it in by hand, and then mail it to us.

Our mailing address is:  NYS Thoroughbred Breeding and Development Fund

19 Roosevelt Dr. – Suite 250

Saratoga Springs, NY 12866

I hope all your foals are healthy and born with ease… and that you don’t lose too much sleep waiting for their safe arrivals!

All the best,


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