The Jockey Club Helps Breeders Protect Their Horses

Dear Breeders,

If you’re like me you’ve probably tried, with mixed success, to reach out to the connections of horses you’ve bred when you see that they are at or near the end of their race careers.

Sometimes the owners and trainers have been delighted to hear from me so that I can either take the horse back home or find a responsible owner for the horse’s next career. Occasionally, people have either refused to get back in touch or told me to take a hike and mind my own business.

Thanks to the Jockey Club, we now have a simple way to let people know that we care about what happens to our horse after it leaves the racetrack.  It does not obligate you to take the horse; rather, it provides you a chance to have a say in what happens to “your” baby when it’s facing a long post-track life.

Here’s how it works. Simply go to It’s a free online service that’s part of the Jockey Club’s Interactive RegistrationTM.   Thoroughbred Connect enables Registry customers to express their willingness to be contacted by the possessor of a horse in the event the horse is in need of placement. Those interested in providing assistance or aftercare can now attach their name and contact information to the electronic records of thoroughbreds within the Jockey Club’s database using Thoroughbred Connect.

Similarly, a person who is seeking placement for a thoroughbred in his or her possession can log onto Thoroughbred Connect and request the contact information attached to the horse. The possessor of the horse may then contact that prospective owner directly to perform due diligence and discuss potential arrangements for transferring the horse.

“With broad participation, Thoroughbred Connect will cast a wide net and help ensure that more thoroughbreds are properly cared for in a safe environment,” said James L. Gagliano, President and CEO of the Jockey Club. “This platform provides an easy and convenient way for those with the means, capacity, and desire to help any horse they have owned, admired, or connected with over the years.”

Please join me in showing that New York breeders are ready to lead the way in responsible horse ownership by signing up today. I’m heading to the site right now!

We encourage you to e-mail us at [email protected] to let us know how many of you have signed up and how many horses you are reaching out to.


Tracy Egan

Executive Director

New York State Thoroughbred Breeding and Development Fund

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