$670K is in the Mail to You

Dear Breeders, Owners and Stallion Owners,

On June 2nd, the New York State Breeding and Development  Fund mailed out awards checks for the second period (March/April) .

317 checks totaling $469,391.86 were mailed to breeders.

63 checks totaling $126,942.83 were mailed to stallion owners.

54 checks totaling $74,076.66 were mailed to owners.

As long as you’re reading this, please allow me to remind those of you who have not already provided the Fund with your e-mail address to please send that address along with your name and other contact information to [email protected].

The trade group NYTB may already have your e-mail address, but we do not have access to their records.  The Fund, as a NY State entity, will not share your contact information with anyone else – we’d just like to have it to speed up communication.

On another note, please remember when getting involved in a partnership that the Fund has a longstanding rule of “one horse, one check.”  That means we send awards checks to the individual who has provided us with a W-9 (these forms are now available here on our website) and is identified as the “tax matters partner.”  Therefore, you would probably be wise to get your partnership agreement in writing.

Hope your check finds you with in-foal mares, a horse sitting on a win, and stallions doing their last covers on a full book.


Tracy Egan

Executive Director

NYS Thoroughbred Breeding & Development Fund

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