Fund Awards Sent Out on June 6th

Dear Breeders, Owners and Stallion Owners,

On Wednesday, June 6th the Fund mailed out 442 award checks to those of you whose horses earned first-, second- or third-place money at New York thoroughbred tracks during March and April of 2012.

The total amount of awards money on its way to stakes holders is $1,507,592.  Here’s a breakdown of the number of checks and total dollar amounts by category:

Period 2 2012     Number of Awards           Dollar Amount

Breeder                      321                                $1,125,899

Stallion                        65                                  $263,202

Owner                         56                                   $118,491

Total                            442                               $1,507,592

Please remember that these checks reflect the ten-percent withholding recommended by the Fund Board of Directors.  We always hope to pay out the withholdings in the subsequent year should our revenue predictions meet expectations.

My hope for all of our stakeholders is that your horses prove to be athletes that finish in the money, stay sound, and graduate to a useful second career when it’s time to step away from the racetrack.  I think you should all be proud that horsemen and women in our state have taken two large strides towards respecting our NY-breds throughout their lives: the establishment of the much-lauded Finger Lakes Thoroughbred Adoption Program at the Purple Haze Center, and the Take 2 program that NYTB, Inc. and NYTHA generously endowed this year to reward those who nurture off-track thoroughbreds when their second career is in the show horse world.

In the meantime, let’s all hope for a safe and exciting Belmont Stakes this Saturday. I’ll be buying a two-dollar souvenir win ticket on I’ll Have Another. How about you?

Tracy Egan

Executive Director

NYS Thoroughbred Breeding & Development Fund

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