Attention: Animal Abuse or Neglect Can Cause Forfeiture of Awards


Dear Breeders,

Please take notice that the Board of Directors of the NYS Thoroughbred Breeding and Development Fund has taken action to protect the thoroughbreds that the vast majority of you respect and cherish.

The important change the Board has made disqualifies from awards any individual who abuses or neglects horses. Read more about it here in a letter from Board Chairman John Sabini explaining the DQ rule.

I urge all of you to go to the Jockey Club website and register the names of your horses with Thoroughbred Connect so that when a horse you bred needs assistance you will be contacted. Signing up with Thoroughbred Connect does not mean you have to take the horse. However, it will provide you an opportunity to help that horse should it need to be removed from an abusive or neglectful situation.

I know there is a need for this action because on rare occasions I am contacted by people who have rescued thoroughbreds from what they believe is the “slaughter pipeline.” By connecting with a horse you bred, owned or rode through Thoroughbred Connect, you may be able to prevent that animal from ending up in bad circumstances.  Please think about it.


Tracy Egan

Executive Director


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