4th-Period Award Checks Mailed Sept. 18th


Dear Breeders, Owners and Stallion Owners,

The New York State Thoroughbred Breeding and Development Fund mailed out 691 checks representing more than $2.5 million in awards on Sept. 18th. We hope you appreciate this quick turn-around of checks for the fourth period (July-August) of 2012.

We know once the money is in your hands you will be putting it back into your local economy as you pay the feed man and vet, and fill your barns with hay for the upcoming winter.

Here’s a breakdown of the awards:

Award type                       # of checks    $ awarded (90%)
Breeder awards                     496               $1,878,838
Stallion owner awards           89                $425,343
Owner awards                        106               $250,000

When you think about how best to adjust your business plans for your farm or racing operation, please keep in mind the Fund’s updated mission statement, which is posted on our homepage:

“To promote by monetary incentives the responsible breeding of quality thoroughbred racehorses in keeping with the founding legislation to preserve New York’s irreplaceable farmland.”

The words “responsible” and “quality” should speak loudly to breeders, as they imply that by breeding better stock they will find a market for their foals and yearlings. I hope all of you will consider that the word responsible also connotes the need for all of us involved in breeding and racing to do right by our horses at every stage of their lives.

Tracy Egan
Executive Director
The Fund

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