Thoroughbreds, and All Horses, Mean Business for New York

The NYS Thoroughbred Breeding and Development Fund Corporation is proud to have aided in the research that went into the recent study (posted here on our site under Industry News) conducted by the NYS Horse Racing and Agricultural Industry Alliance. The study finds that the equine community has a $4.2-billion impact on the state’s economy, pumps $187 million into tax coffers and provides more than 33,000 jobs in the State, all while preserving New York’s irreplaceable farmland. It’s important for the decision-makers to understand that thoroughbred and standardbred racing, as well as show and pleasure riding, have a tremendous influence on the State’s economic health. At a time when every job counts, horse people need to let lawmakers know they are counting on them to understand that the equine community makes important contributions to the Empire State.

Executive Director Tracy Egan

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