Award Checks for 6th Period of 2012 Sent Out Jan. 8th

Dear Breeders, Owners and Stallion Owners,

More than 588 NYS Thoroughbred Breeding and Development Fund award checks totaling more than $2 million were posted on the afternoon of January 8th from our new offices in Schenectady.  That’s right – we’ve moved from our Saratoga office in the State Parks Building to space we’ll be leasing from the Racing and Wagering Board.  While we are now located about 45  minutes south of Saratoga (the horse capital of New York State), I think you’ll agree that this earliest-ever mailing of award checks shows that our staff remains committed to fulfilling the Fund mission no matter where we work.

The checks represent a payout of 90% of the awards earned at Aqueduct and the Finger Lakes during November and December of 2012.  We hope to be able to pay out the entire holdback amount soon, although that’s a decision our Board of Directors will make once members review the Fund’s financial picture at the next Board meeting (a date not yet set).

Here’s a look at how the awards break down:

Award Type    No. of Checks      $ Awarded (90%)

Breeder                  417                    $1,426,059.41

Stallion                   80                      $344,455.83

Owner                     91                      $237,174.84


Total                       588                    $2,007,690.08

We sincerely hope that your check helps you pay your hay and feed bill, the blacksmith, or your property tax bill.  Our push to turn around award checks is driven by what we know is your need to put the money to good use as you strive to breed and/or race quality New York-breds.


Tracy Egan

Executive Director

NYS Thoroughbred Breeding and Development Fund

One Broadway Center – Suite 601

Schenectady, NY  12305

Phone: 518-395-5492

Fax:  518-395-5499

e-mail: [email protected]


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