First-Period Award Checks Sent March 4th

Dear Stakeholders,

The staff of the New York Thoroughbred Breeding and Development Fund mailed out award checks for the first period of 2014 on Tuesday, March 4th. The more than $1.15-million mailing represents 90% of awards earned in January and February. As we have done in the past, a 10% “holdback” is being implemented to ensure that all award earners can be paid at an equal rate throughout the year. We hope to be able to pay 100% of the holdback early next year, as we did this year for the 2013 holdback. The following is a breakdown of the first-period awards.

Award Type    $ Awarded (90%)       # of Checks
Breeder                  $840,933                     213
Stallion                   $198,729                      46
Owner                     $115,974                      32
Total                      $1,155,636                   291

As always, I’d like to remind you to notify us immediately if your mailing address changes. Simply e-mail the Fund at [email protected].

Here’s hoping spring arrives soon and that your breeding season is a success.

Tracy Egan, Executive Director

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