Third-Period Checks Sent July 8th

Dear Stakeholders,

The NY Thoroughbred Breeding and Development Fund mailed more than $2.7 million in award money on July 8th to 673 recipients for the third period (May-June) of 2014.

The Fund would like to thank and congratulate all of you for breeding and racing the quality NY-breds that earned these awards, and wish you the best of luck this summer at the track! And for those of you selling registered NY-breds in July and August, we hope your efforts are rewarded handsomely in the sales ring.

I would also like to ask each of you to spread the word that we will be adding more stories to the Fund’s YouTube channel about the value of off-track Thoroughbreds in the show ring, on the polo or hunt field, and on the thousands of miles of beautiful riding trails in NY State.

We will also soon be airing TV spots to remind our citizens that Thoroughbreds and all horses contribute millions of dollars in taxes, and billions to the State’s economy.


Tracy Egan, Executive Director

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