Registration Fee Changes and Microchip Information

Dear Stakeholders,

In an attempt to encourage breeders to register their foals as NY-breds before their first birthday, the Board of Directors of the NYTBDF recently approved a change in registration fees beginning with foals of 2016. The move coincides with the Jockey Club’s offer to provide free microchips with registration and genetic sampling kits when you submit a Live Foal Report in 2016.

Starting with this year’s crop of foals, the New York registration fee for weanlings will drop by $25 to just $50. Those who delay registering beyond December 31st of the foal’s birth year will be faced with late registration fees in ensuing years that are double the current rates.

So, beginning in 2017, yearlings will cost $300 to register with the Fund.

As of 2018, two-year-olds will cost $500 to register with the Fund.

And starting in 2019, the cost to register three-year-olds (and up) with the Fund will be $1,000.

Although these fees are increasing, they are comparable to registration fees in other states.

Stallion registration fees will remain the same.

The takeaway message about the changes is that when you register your weanlings of 2016 and ensuing years, you save money and the Fund can get a more accurate count of foals to be registered. Jockey Club registration is of course a prerequisite for registering a foal as a NY-bred.

As for the microchip program, it is voluntary for foals of 2016, and you will not be charged if you make a request of the Jockey Club to send a microchip for each Live Foal Report you submit. However, veterinarians charge varying fees to implant microchips.

Microchips will be mandatory for foals of 2017 and beyond. The JC will automatically send you a free microchip with each registration and genetic sampling kit that it sends in response to a Live Foal Report.


Tracy Egan, Executive Director

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Phone: 518-388-0174

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