Spa 2016 Meet Closes and Your Checks are in the Mail

Dear Breeders, Owners and Stallion Owners,

The check you’re receiving reflects awards earned by your horse(s) during July and August at Belmont, Saratoga or the Finger Lakes. Horses you bred or own, or that were sired by your NY stallion, generated 2,205 awards worth more than $3.2 million.

Award Type   $ Awarded (90%)   # of Awards

Breeder           $2,299,890.22                1,295

Stallion              $540,713.61                    693

Owner                $419,806.80                   217

Total               $3,260,410.63            2,205

Please let your clients know that the New York breeding and racing programs remain strong. Help us to recruit new breeders as well as buyers for the horses you breed.

If you watched the story I wrote and produced about NY Showcase Day (watch the YouTube video on our home page at, I invite you to share it with clients and potential clients. They’ll learn that top trainers stock their stables with NY-breds, that New York’s Commissioner of Agriculture was on hand to applaud NY-bred achievements and recognize their importance to the state’s economy, and that NYRA offered more than $1.5 million in purse money on Saratoga Showcase Day, one of three “millions” days for NY-breds during the year. Be sure to mark your calendar for our Empire Showcase Day at Belmont Park on October 22nd, featuring eight NY-bred stakes.


Tracy Egan

Executive Director

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