Sixth-Period Awards in the Mail and Holdback Checks Coming Next Week

Dear Stakeholders,

The Fund staff is happy to inform you that more than 2,200 awards totaling over $2 million were generated by your horses during award period six (November and December of 2016) in races conducted at Aqueduct and Finger Lakes.

Those award checks were mailed this afternoon.

Further, we expect to mail out checks early next week representing the hold-back from your checks for all six pay periods of 2016. Ten percent was held back from all 9,527 breeder, owner and stallion owner awards in order to ensure that we could pay awards equitably throughout the year.

Best of luck in the 2017 foaling and breeding season, and remember that when you send your mare to a registered New York stallion, the resulting foal is eligible for double the awards of a foal produced by an out-of-state stallion.


Tracy Egan, Executive Director

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