Registration Status Reports Now Available at

Dear Stakeholders,

You can now access a report on the status of all applications you have submitted for registration of a foal or stallion since 2017. To do so, first log into your account on the Online Registration page, then click ‘Reports.’ The displayed data can be copied, downloaded in the form of an Excel or PDF file, or printed. It is initially sorted by TIN name, but can be re-sorted by any column simply by clicking on that column. The status will indicate whether an application is in process but has not yet been submitted (‘Entry’), an application has been submitted for a horse but it is not yet registered (‘Pending’), or a submitted horse has been registered (‘Approved’). The date on which the application was approved will also be displayed. Applications will only be listed as ‘Rejected’ in cases of a duplicate application or if the horse is ineligible for registration. If you have any questions, feel free to contact us at [email protected] or call Registrar Adam Lawrence at (518) 388-0174.


Tracy Egan

Executive Director

New York Thoroughbred Breeding and Development Fund

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