2020 Holdback Update

Dear Breeders,

At the  March 23rd  meeting of the Board of Directors of the NYS Thoroughbred Breeding and Development Fund, we will be asking the Board to approve the payout of the holdback from awards earned in 2020. The return of the holdback will result in a 96% payment on all awards earned in 2020.

We expect to mail the checks immediately following the Board’s approval. We thank all of our stakeholders for their patience and perseverance during the hardships caused by the pandemic. Because revenues have improved but are not yet back to normal, the Board has instituted a 25% holdback rate for 2021. Award checks earned in Period I (January and February) will be sent out in the first week of March.

Thank you for breeding and racing in New York.


Tracy Egan

Executive Director

NY Thoroughbred Breeding & Development Fund

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