Resident and Non-Resident Mares

Resident and Non-Resident Mares

The rules are simple and effectively create two categories of mares: resident and non-resident. To qualify for registration as a New York-bred, the mare must FOAL in New York State and meet the domicile requirements specified below. Please note that mare residency is determined on a foal-by-foal basis.

Resident Mares: Must be continuously in residence in New York State from within 90 days after last cover in the year of conception, and thereafter remain in residence until FOALING the following year, with no breed-back required. Mares that maintain their residency status can be covered each season by a stallion located anywhere in the world.

Non-Resident Mares: In order for her foal to be eligible to be registered as a NY-bred, a non-resident mare must FOAL in New York State, remain in the state for a continuous period of 90 days after foaling AND be BRED BACK to a registered New York stallion before leaving the state.

Click here for our handy 90-Day Calculator to calculate the exact date that your resident mare must be back in NY after leaving the State to be covered, or the exact date that your non-resident mare can leave the State after foaling in New York and being covered by a registered NY stallion.

Broodmare “Leave of Absence”

To protect their New York State “resident mare” status, in-foal broodmares may be granted a “leave of absence” when leaving the state for bloodstock sales. If returned to New York State within the guidelines of the leave of absence, the mare will be considered a resident mare regarding her in-utero foal.

“Leave of absence” – A mare may be removed from the state up to fifteen (15) days before the commencement of the sale and stay for the duration of the sale, but must be returned to New York State no longer than fifteen (15) days after the sale has concluded.

Jockey Club Certification

Please note that no horse can be registered as a NY-bred without first receiving certification from the Jockey Club.

For further information, contact the Fund Registrar at (518) 388-0174.

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