A Special Message for Horse Racing Radio Listeners

Dear Racing Fans,

If you’ve heard the commercial on Horse Racing Radio Network inviting you to visit NYBreds.com so we can “do the math”, for you, here goes!

We told you that if you are the breeder of a NY-bred that is sired by a NY stallion, you race it yourself and your horse wins an $80,000 open-company maiden special weight at a NYRA track, you collect a total of $72,000.

Here’s the math:
Winners share of 60% of an $80K purse = $48,000
Breeder award for NY-sired NY-bred is 30% x $48K = $ 14,400
Open-company owner award of 20% x $48K = $9,600

Total paid to owner/breeder of a NY-bred = $72,000

Now that you’ve seen the math, please consider stocking your stable with NY-breds.

And remember that you can follow all the racing action on the Horse Racing Radio Network at www.horseracingradio.net (click on “Listen live” on the homepage).

Wishing you the best of racing and breeding luck,
Tracy Egan, Executive Director
NY Thoroughbred Breeding and Development Fund

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