Second-Period Award Checks Mailed May 1st!

Dear Stakeholders,

Please join me in congratulating the staff of the NY Thoroughbred Breeding and Development Fund. On May 1, the first day after the end of the second period (March-April), the Fund mailed more than 400 checks to you representing more than $1.76 million in awards. Here’s the breakdown:

This turn-around in getting out checks for the awards earned by your horses is the swiftest ever.

I would never tell you how to spend or bet your money, but I hope as NY breeders you will be cheering on our Dynamic Duo in the Kentucky Derby on May 3rd. Perhaps some of you have seen the Fund’s ad (below), which we hope delivers the message that New York’s breeding program is producing Grade I-quality thoroughbreds such as Samraat and Uncle Sigh, who were “Bred in New York to Run for the Roses.”


Tracy Egan, Executive Director

New York Thoroughbred Breeding and Development Fund

Please note our new phone number: (518) 388-0174

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